Teen models with a good model portfolio can make it big!

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Teen models don’t have it easy. When you enter the modeling world as a teen, you are expected to be as responsible as an adult. That means that not do you need to conduct yourself as a professional, but you have to be cautious when making career-related decisions while diligently balancing your responsibilities such as school, family, friends etc. In order to get better paying modeling jobs that offer good exposure as well, you need to have a well-shot, professional looking model portfolio.

However, more than a stunningly created portfolio, you also need your parents’ permission to become teen models. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can be successful as a teen model.

Step 1: Discussing your career choice with your parents

Teen models or, any type of models lead a very hectic professional life. You are required to work long hours, which may leave very little time for you to get your school work and projects done. Therefore, if you are absolutely certain that you want to be a teen model, discuss this with your parents, but before that research the field well so that you can answer any questions your parents may ask you regarding it. After all, your parents’ support will be extremely important for you, if you want to have a winning career as teen models. Here’s what you need to discuss with them:

- Types of modeling that interest you
- The research you have already done
- How you will maintain your school grades
- Balance your family

Step 2: Knowing the physical requirements for the job

Teen modeling demands that the age of the teen model be between 14 to 19 years. Moreover, you will also need to fit this list of physical attributes such as:

- Height between 5'6" and 5'8"
- Bust between 32" and 34"
- Waist between 21" and 25"
- Hips between 32" and 34"

Step 3: Learning how to create a teen model portfolio

Your model portfolio is your key to enter the fashion world as teen models. So, after you have spoken with your parents and are ready to make your mark as a teen model, you need to get yourself a professionally shot model portfolio.

A model portfolio must contain various shots of you from various angles that flatter your best features. The larger variety you have to your model portfolio, the better you can showcase your potential to future clients!

Step 4: If you have it, flaunt it

Now that you have got yourself a well-shot model portfolio, it’s time to start sending your best picture to various modeling agencies. Also, visit place in your neighborhood where the likelihood of being seen by a casting agent or model agent are more. Always carry your modeling portfolio to modeling agency meetings. Dress like a professional, put on natural make-up, and ensure your hair is properly styled.

Step 5: Enroll in a modeling school

It pays you learn your art. Enroll in a good modeling school and learn how to walk the runway, apply make-up, pose for photographs etc. This may also give you an edge over your competitors.


Keep these tips in mind and get started on a career as a teen model in the fashion industry with confidence.
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"Teen Models"

Author: Moon

Some Tips For Teen Models
Are you between 13 to 24 years old and about 5'7 to 5'10 in height? If you like fashion and is fond of posing then you're a good candidate to be a model. Teen models are in demand for endorsements and promotions that require the services of the younger breed. Seventeen magazine and even Vogue normally require the services of the younger generation for particular campaigns they will do for their prestigious magazine. This becomes then a good opportunity for virtually unknown teenage models to launch their careers in modeling.

Is There A Need For Teenage Models

There are quite numerous magazines that tackle stuff that teenagers love, teenage life, too fashion. You will see quite a few teenagers consider teen magazines and mimic the fashion they see on these magazines. Fashion perhaps is 1 of the largest parts of a teenager's life and that is exactly why teen models also play an significant role in the fashion world.
Magazines like Glamour, Elle, Vogue and Cosmo Girl all employ teenagers as models so that they are able to connect to the younger market. This really is perhaps mainly because teens can undoubtedly relate to other teens. There are also various advertising and marketing campaigns that necessitate the vibrancy and energy that only younger models can provide. This really helps augment the advertising and marketing of their product. It may be noted as teenage models should endorse teenage products because it is definitely them that make use of the solution and these goods will play an significant role in their lives.

How To Apply To Become A Model

Teen models who desire to apply for modeling work will find it fairly effortless if they have a great portfolio in hand. These aspiring models just have to submit their portfolio to modeling agencies. They can contact a modeling agency, make an appointment and personally submit their portfolio or submit they portfolio via email or postal mail to agencies that have openings for new models.
In the portfolio these models can select to add other information that may become pertinent to capability clients, like height, age, school along with contact information of the model. Keep in mind that fresh faces are usually welcomed in the fashion market and so applying with fashion agencies along with fashion houses is fairly easy. These teen models just have to have their portfolio in hand.
Applying on-line can be quite easy, as you don't have to jump from agency to agency just to submit your profile. There are many agencies on-line that may help you propel your career as a model but you do ought to be careful though, child pornography is also rampant in the Internet, so teenagers who desire to become models that use the internet as their stepping stone requirements to ask their parents for assistance, this will certainly support in securing yourself a great modeling agency instead of landing in a adverse one. Together with their parents teen models can search the right modeling agency and can place their unique restrictions when it comes to posing and revealing various body parts.
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Guide for Parents of Teen Models

Author: Britney Simpson

With the glitz and glamour that they see in television, magazines and billboards, it is no wonder why there are a lot of teenagers that aspire to become teen models. Apart from the fact that many of the supermodels today have started their careers when they were still teenagers, becoming a teen model provides your teenager a number of different benefits. For one, teen models gain a more positive outlook on their physical appearance. In a time in every person’s life where physical appearances counts a lot, teen models tend to become more confident about the way that they carry themselves and relate to other people.

One thing that you, as parents, should remember that since they are still minors, teen models should be guided to make the right choices for their careers. This is where you come in. The modeling industry can be very demanding and may cause your teenager to grow up a lot faster than they should. Here are just some ways to help you help your teen models still enjoy the perks of being a teenager while pursuing their dreams.

Support Your Teen
One of the important things that you would need to do as a parent is to make sure that your teen model sees and feels that you support him or her in each and every project that they undertake. This way, they would become more open to your suggestions, especially when it comes to the kind of projects that they would take. Take some time off to accompany your teen model to his or her photo shoot. Offer also some suggestions when it comes to choosing which particular shots to include in her model portfolio. A model portfolio is very important. These actions would go a long way in giving your teen model your thumbs up to her decision to pursue her dream.

Control Yourself
Many parents tend to come into conflict with their teen models when it comes to certain poses and photo shoots that they would need to undertake for their model portfolio. Always make sure that you approach these with an open mind. This does not mean that you would just sit back when your teen is being required to dress up ten years older or being asked to shoot an extremely sexy shot. If you see your teen struggling, it is a subtle sign that they are not comfortable with the task. Take it upon yourself to speak to your teen’s agent or photographer regarding this matter professionally and calmly. This way, you are still protecting your teen while showing that you are still supportive of her endeavor. The model portfolio should consist of good photographs.

Keep Your Teen Grounded
The teen models tend to be swept off easily with the promise of becoming the next supermodel. As a result, they begin to spend more and more time with this and less and less time with other responsibilities such as their studies. In the event that you notice that your teen is slowly veering into this direction, make sure that you remind her of the importance of her education without being harsh. After all, no matter how successful they may be, a model career does not last forever.
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Author: Arthur Mavericck

Considering the money involved and the exposure one gets, almost all parents want their young kids to become models. Today, teen models are in much demand. From advertising for children’s clothes to food products and more, children models are everywhere; on billboards, magazines, and even the Internet. If you are a parent of an aspiring teen model or an aspiring teen model yourself, you need to learn more about the teen modeling world and what sort of model portfolio is required. So let’s get started shall we?

The teen modeling market is called the ‘junior market’. It consists of teen models between 13 and 25 years, depending on the age of the model when he/she entered the modeling world. On an average your height should be around 5 feet 8 inches for fashion modeling, while commercial teen models can be of any height depending on the ad requirement.

According to some modeling experts, teen models have a higher chance of getting a foothold in the modeling world. The most important reason for this is that teenagers are very versatile during photo shoots and commercial advertising campaigns. Because teens are youthful, they have an innocent look and freshness that makes them very endearing. Also, as growing adults, they have just the right curves that can compliment any type of wardrobe.

Despite all the demand for teen models, the modeling industry isn’t an easy place to make a mark. While many languish at the bottom, only a few are able to reach the top and stay there for a significant amount of time, enough to be remembered. That’s why it’s important to start right, and make your dream of making your child or of becoming a teen model a successful reality.

Get A Good Model Portfolio: All models must have a GOOD model portfolio. All teen models must have a GOOD model portfolio. A portfolio is a bunch of your photos taken using different angles and in different wardrobes. Your model portfolio is your KEY to making it BIG in the big, bad world of modeling!

The more creative you get with your portfolio, the better chances you have of getting more casting calls. Therefore, spend time to work out every look, every angle, the makeup, lighting, ambience, background, hairstyle, accessories, etc. etc! Phew! Once you get your model portfolio, don’t just forget about it later on. Keep adding new pictures as you keep growing older. Add photos of the work you do as a teen model to add value to your model portfolio as well as increase your chances of getting better and bigger modeling assignments.

Strive To Stay Healthy: Eat right! Exercise. Stay Healthy. Taking care of your diet, your body, and your mind are extremely important if you want to be a successful teen model. Teen models must add daily doses of multivitamins to their daily regimen and stay fit to take on any modeling job as the opportunity presents itself.

Finally, learn to behave like a professional. However successful you may be, always work in a professional manner. This helps you better yourself all the time as well as makes you popular because you come across as a person who respects his/her work.
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