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Author: Britney Simpson

With the glitz and glamour that they see in television, magazines and billboards, it is no wonder why there are a lot of teenagers that aspire to become teen models. Apart from the fact that many of the supermodels today have started their careers when they were still teenagers, becoming a teen model provides your teenager a number of different benefits. For one, teen models gain a more positive outlook on their physical appearance. In a time in every person’s life where physical appearances counts a lot, teen models tend to become more confident about the way that they carry themselves and relate to other people.

One thing that you, as parents, should remember that since they are still minors, teen models should be guided to make the right choices for their careers. This is where you come in. The modeling industry can be very demanding and may cause your teenager to grow up a lot faster than they should. Here are just some ways to help you help your teen models still enjoy the perks of being a teenager while pursuing their dreams.

Support Your Teen
One of the important things that you would need to do as a parent is to make sure that your teen model sees and feels that you support him or her in each and every project that they undertake. This way, they would become more open to your suggestions, especially when it comes to the kind of projects that they would take. Take some time off to accompany your teen model to his or her photo shoot. Offer also some suggestions when it comes to choosing which particular shots to include in her model portfolio. A model portfolio is very important. These actions would go a long way in giving your teen model your thumbs up to her decision to pursue her dream.

Control Yourself
Many parents tend to come into conflict with their teen models when it comes to certain poses and photo shoots that they would need to undertake for their model portfolio. Always make sure that you approach these with an open mind. This does not mean that you would just sit back when your teen is being required to dress up ten years older or being asked to shoot an extremely sexy shot. If you see your teen struggling, it is a subtle sign that they are not comfortable with the task. Take it upon yourself to speak to your teen’s agent or photographer regarding this matter professionally and calmly. This way, you are still protecting your teen while showing that you are still supportive of her endeavor. The model portfolio should consist of good photographs.

Keep Your Teen Grounded
The teen models tend to be swept off easily with the promise of becoming the next supermodel. As a result, they begin to spend more and more time with this and less and less time with other responsibilities such as their studies. In the event that you notice that your teen is slowly veering into this direction, make sure that you remind her of the importance of her education without being harsh. After all, no matter how successful they may be, a model career does not last forever.
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