What the Portfolios of Teen Models Should Have

What the Portfolios of Teen Models Should Have

Author: Clint Jhonson

A model portfolio is a very important item if one wants to get into the world of modeling. The portfolio will be a kind of resume which shows off your beauty, your body, facial expressions, poses, demeanor and moods and perhaps your flaws as well. But all models whether young models like child models or teen models should have a portfolio without which you cannot hope to sign a modeling contract. A portfolio is a kind of proof regarding the kind of work you are capable of.

A modeling portfolio should contain more than just a few random shots. They should be such that they bring out the best in the model. Take the help of a professional photographer if you must. And it is not just head shots that you need. Child models and teen models should be shot in various poses in different kinds of outfits and expressions. Some modeling agencies are very particular about the kind of shots that they require.

Since children and teens are still in the process of growing, the portfolios of child models and teen models should be updated with the latest photos on a regular basis so that the prospective clients can see their latest looks. Imagine of the client sees you some of your old photos which you don't look like at all now. Make sure that the best photos are selected for your portfolio. It is better to have 6 good photos rather than 20 average ones. If you take the help of a professional photographer he should be able to help you with your poses and dressing choices.

Make sure you include photos showing yourself at different angles at which you are good. There is only one chance to make a first impression and it had better be good if you are waiting for the modeling agency to call back. Child models and teen models would do well to model in school kind of clothes like uniforms, play clothes, night wear, beach wear and casuals. You could also include prom photos, swimsuit photos and anything else that brings out the best side of you. Also include a close-up of your face without any makeup so that the client can see how you really look naturally.

There are plenty of modeling agencies where child models or teen models can enroll but make sure that you pick the authentic ones. Do not entertain any of those that ask you for money just to register. Although you might think of registering at the modeling agency in your local neighborhood, you could explore the possibility of doing it online; if you are not very Internet savvy you will soon learn that things done on the Net are faster, easier and more efficient and no sooner have you put your portfolio on the Net, you could be receiving your job assignments.
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